“There is a background force acting behind all of this. Horrible things infest the skin of this world, wearing flesh as masks and society as armour. They are not human and they are wrong, horrible wrongnesses that leach the colour from their surroundings and the heat from the air. They are bleakness given skin. From where these Bleak Things come, I cannot say, but I wish not another day breathing the same air as them.”
—Aldous Montaine, final communication with the Detentus Sanctuary

You are investigators of hidden truths, seekers of concealed knowledge, scouts of the unknown. There are any number of things to be found in this world that defy even the arcane knowledge your station has granted you, and you are at the forefront of the search for them.

The setting is an Edwardian-esque era Walstowe, where the players assume the roles of élite investigators in a secret society involved with the paranormal.

See the Background page for some more information on the historical background since the previous campaign.

In Lux Veritas